For current clients

The open enrollment period for Medicare is from 10/15 until 12/07 annually so you can review and change plans.

There are special situations when you can change your plan mid-year.  If you are having issues, feel free to contact us with questions to see if you can make a change.

Knowledge for new Medicare beneficiaries

Welcome to the Medicare section of our website.  Feel free to click on the items on the left to learn more about Medicare. 

If you are turning 65 soon, contact us with questions about starting your Medicare benefits.

Information or Quotes

Please contact us for any information on Medicare Health and Drug plans at any time.  You may be new to Medicare, leaving employment after age 65 or already on Medicare.  We will be happy to provide information to you regarding your Medicare choices.  There is no cost to work with us or receive information.  Simply call and ask at 763-253-0590.